Faced with thefts, CAPEB building craftsmen use high technology, a first in France

This is a first in France, and it is to the craftsmen of the CAPEB that we owe this innovation against delinquency and theft of all kinds. Explanations from info-chalon.com.

It is no secret that construction companies are at the heart of the problems of theft and organized looting. Even if studies specify that only one third of thefts are committed by people outside the company, CAPEB has decided to react by proposing a unique initiative. Initiative whose national deployment is underway, said Emmanuel Leblanc, Secretary General of CAPEB 71.

Since 2018, CAPEB has been a forerunner in its dealings with the national gendarmerie. A real partnership work is carried out each year in order to fight against the delinquency which strikes the companies of Saône et Loire. The safety referents have also become over time a real point of support for the craftsmen.

This Thursday evening, it was in the presence of Colonel Dubois, n°2 of the national gendarmerie in Saône et Loire that the synthetic DNA device was presented. DNA marking will make it possible to fight effectively against widespread theft, on construction sites but also in companies. Thefts which concern portable electrical equipment but not only.

The first marking kits distributed

The first marking kits have been distributed to companies wishing to acquire this new technology, against which thieves have little control. And the watchword is clear, “all companies can benefit from it, whether or not they are members of CAPEB. The only difference being the price offered” adds Emmanuel Leblanc. “Our idea is to protect all craftsmen without distinction. We are sending a strong message here. A message that is addressed to delinquency and to those likely to steal”.

Concretely, the DNA marking makes it possible to identify the equipment to the company. In the event of theft and especially of equipment found by the gendarmes, all the investigators have to do is find the DNA to find the company at the origin and to link the cases. Unprecedented traceability so far. Most of the work also consists in communicating clearly that the objects in question are marked and thus thwarting the desire to commit a crime.

CAPEB has been a forerunner for a long time on information issues

Saône et Loire and its CAPEB are pioneers on a large number of issues, aimed at protecting and informing its members. Thus, for example, the CAPEB71 application allows you to be informed and notified live during burglaries or thefts organized in sectors. A system borrowed from local farmers.

A rate negotiated by Saône et Loire and valid nationwide

The file led by Eric Patru, craftsman from Arroux and 2nd Vice-President of CAPEB 71, has made it possible to welcome the support of insurers MMA Autun and Groupama. A kit makes it possible to identify around fifty objects and costs 45 euros for members and 65 euros for non-members. You can have all the information at or by email at [email protected]

Laurent Guillaume

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