Farewell to Queen Elizabeth, the queen of social media and technology

Queen Elizabeth II died at 96: she was one of the protagonists of the last social era.

Elizabeth II, was the first in many things. Also from a technological point of view. Always in tune with the times. The first royal in history to embrace email, 3D TV, Twitter. Fascinated by progress and new technologies, she has also become a web icon. For stern looks, eloquent expressiveness, grimaces, monochromatic suits. Queen Elizabeth has also become the protagonist of funny memes that have populated the web. Among these will be those who mocked his supposed immortality. Now, on the net, there are messages of condolence for the stainless queen. The days of remembrance begin.

First radio broadcast in 1940

It was 1940 and the Queen was still Princess Elizabeth. Next to her was Margaret, her sister, and she put her lips to one of the BBC’s microphones. He does this to reassure the children, frightened by the outbreak of the Second World War. He says, “Everything will be fine”, the message is heard in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

First television coronation

1953. Westminster Abbey. For the first time, a coronation is broadcast on television. According to the Royal Family’s website, there were 27 million viewers in the UK.

His first email in 1976

Queen Elizabeth beat everyone on the internet. On March 26, 1976, the Arpanet had just arrived at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, a telecommunications research facility in Malvern, England. The queen wanted to test the connection herself. It was Peter Kirstein who created his e-mail account, choosing the user name “HME2”. This is Her Majesty Elizabeth II. “He just had to push a few buttons,” he recalls. The Queen follows the instructions, sends the text and becomes one of the first heads of state to send an email.

The site in 1997

In a difficult year for the British monarchy following the tragic death of Lady Diana, the Queen launched her first website, during a visit to Kingsbury High School in London.

The visit to Google headquarters

In 2008, the Queen visited Google’s UK headquarters. The Royal Family also shared a video of the tour on their official YouTube page.

The Christmas message in 3D

Every year, Queen Elizabeth records a Christmas message. Each year, she retraces the highlights and upcoming projects, a way of being close to her family on the day of the celebration. On December 25, 2012, however, he did something different. For the first time, he records and distributes his Christmas video in 3D. Last year, however, the traditional Christmas speech of the sovereign landed on Amazon.

His first tweet in 2014

The first tweet dates back to 2014. After visiting the London Science Museum, the Queen decided to officially enter the platform. “It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibit at the @ScienceMuseum today and I hope people enjoy visiting it. Elizabeth R,” wrote October 24, 2014. Gets 36,000 likes.

The first post on Instagram in 2019

Also during a visit to the London Science Museum. It’s March 2019 and the Queen posts a photo of a letter hanging in the museum that was written to her great-grandfather, Prince Albert, by Charles Babbage, the world’s first computer pioneer. “Today I had the pleasure of learning about the Children’s Computer Coding Initiatives and it seems appropriate to post this post on Instagram, at the Science Museum which has long supported technology, innovation and inspires the next generation of inventors,” he wrote.

The first video call

June 2020, Queen Elizabeth turns 94 and chooses Zoom for her first public video call. The Queen spoke to her daughter, Princess Anne, during Carers Week to express her gratitude to carers.

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