Fatigue is not the only cause of dark circles

“You look bad!” Who has never heard this sentence after a difficult night? This unpleasant remark is often linked to the presence of dark circles, which betray our lack of sleep. But fatigue is not necessarily the only responsible for their appearance. These bluish or brown patches may also reflect an underlying health condition. Unsuitable diet, smoking, allergies, diseases, aging…

Interviewed by Newsweek, dermatologist Fatima Fahs explains the reasons that can cause dark circles: “Our blood vessels dilate especially when we are tired. Thus, the skin around the eye, relatively thin, reveals this pigmentation.

Even if the lack of sleep remains the main cause, the others should not be neglected: “High-salt diets can cause puffiness under the eyes, due to water retention, just like thyroid disease. Due to sinus congestion, people with seasonal allergies may also experience dark circles as well as swelling in the lower eyelid. Finally, anemia, which does not allow the body to completely oxygenate its tissues, is another source.

To top it off, two factors amplify this coloration: smoking and aging. These reduce the elasticity of the skin, dehydrate it and thin it, indicates Fatima Fahs, so that the blood vessels are more visible.

Finally, if you have dark circles but do not exhibit any of these characteristics, you may be one of those genetically disposed to develop them.

How to get rid of it?

After identifying the possible contributing factors, it remains to choose a suitable solution. Regarding the medical aspect, “a consultation with your doctor and a blood test will direct you to the appropriate treatment”, encourages the dermatologist.

From an aesthetic point of view and to prevent aging, Fatima Fahs recommends creams containing retinol or peptides. These compounds can increase the production of collagen, and thus improve firmness and reduce fine lines in the skin. “For better hydration, choose hyaluronic acid”, finally recommends the specialist. Besides, you can also ban the “You look bad!” of your conversations.

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