FIFA develops new technology for the World Cup


new technology for the world cup

FIFA continues to develop technologies to allow teams to better analyze the performance of their players, the latest to date is called the FIFA App.

An app for gamers

This Friday, FIFA announced through a press release that all players of the next World Cup (from November 20 to December 18) will have access to the FIFA Player App. This application will allow players to consult their individual data with for examplethe distance traveled at different speed thresholds, the number of runs above 25 km/h and the maximum speed recorded. »

When was this technology unveiled?

The FIFA App had already been used during the 2021 Arab Cup won by Algeria against Tunisia. It was then presented to the different teams during the last team seminar in Doha. This technology is part of the optics “to harness technology to improve football”. It remains to be seen how the different teams and players will manage to use this technology put at their service.

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