find out which of SFR or Orange offers the best fiber box right now!

Orange Fiber Livebox and SFR Fiber Starter Box: two attractive offers from major operators

The time when access to optical fiber was synonymous with a significant burden on the budget is now over. The two incumbent operators Orange and SFR have each designed an essential fiber offer at an attractive price, to allow as many people as possible to access the best of technology. Take advantage of a connection 25 times faster than an ADSL connection and take advantage of all the features of the web at ultra-high speed, for less than €25/month. At Orange as at SFR, we find an essential offer with an uplink and downlink speed of up to 500Mb/s, an unlimited telephony formula to landlines, and a 4K TV decoder providing access to a very wide range of TV channels. SFR marks the first difference, however, since the 4K TV decoder is included in the basic offer, while Orange charges the activation fee of €40. The number of channels included is also greater at SFR: 160 TV channels and services compared to 140 at Orange. Details that can already make the difference if you like having access to a rich TV package, at no extra cost.

On the price side, Orange offers its Livebox Fiber at €22.99/month for one year (€41.99/month, 12-month commitment), where SFR lets you choose between 2 promotional prices. €23/month for 2 years (with 12-month commitment, then €38/month thereafter), or only €16/month for one year (then €38, 12-month commitment as well). Suffice to say that, if you want to take advantage of an ultra-attractive promotional rate and change operator every year does not bother you, the Fiber Starter SFR box is clearly the one for you.

Livebox Fiber Orange or Box Fiber Starter: which offer is made for you?

We have just seen it, if your first criterion of choice is the price, the Fiber Starter SFR box will be more economical for you for 1 year., especially since the 4K TV decoder is included. SFR also stands out in terms of the options that can complement its offer: a Wi-Fi repeater can be provided to you for €3/month in addition to the price of your subscription, and a 4G box is also available for €5/month. Please note, however, that SFR charges box activation costs of €49 when subscribing. Orange only applies the €40 activation if you wish to benefit from the TV decoder.
At Orange as at SFR, you can enrich your offer with additional multimedia options, such as Netflix or Disney +.

What can really make a difference is the performance of the network closest to you. While both operators are committed to providing a high-performance fiber network, their performance may differ depending on where you live. We can only advise you to use our internet speed test tool to determine which operator will be able to provide you with the best speeds. Change your offer now for a very high speed box, and surf at the speed of light for less than 25€/month!

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