Flaneer optimizes its Workstations as a Service cloud solution

Flaneer, a French start-up working with the creative industries, optimizes its work in the cloud by reducing latency times. The solution is on the way to becoming sovereign from start to finish.

flanking offers a specific VDI ​​solution for the media sector and video game publishers. Employees of production agencies, 3D engineers or even animation studios have real workstations available in the cloud capable of supporting their business applications. The SaaS solution also includes access management and file sharing, the ability to connect via VPN to your network and collaborate with several people on a machine.

flanking is a French startup created in 2021. Last February it raised 1.2 million euros from SpeedInvest, Kima Ventures and the American FJ Labs.

Seeking to further improve the user experience of its cloud workstations, the young shoot has just adopted French streaming technology Reemo. This innovative technology enables high performance and very low latency desktop streaming capable of displaying the screen of a remote environment, under Windows, Linux or MacOS, directly in a web browser in 60 frames per second. Flaneer’s solution was previously based on the American solution Nice DCV, owned by AWS.

The performance of Reemo’s streaming protocol only requires a throughput of 10MB/s when the alternatives require a minimum of 30MB/s. Flaneer guarantees color fidelity, a requirement of production studios. Video editors or graphic designers should really feel like they are working on a fixed workstation, even when working from home and without fiber. Peripherals such as graphics tablet, stylus, multi-screen and gamepad can even be connected to the virtual workstation.

The service offers a wide range of configurations starting from a simple workstation (4 cores, 16 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD for €47.50 per month) up to overboosted workstations with up to 256 cores and 4 GPUs!

Beyond the advertised performances, the objective is for Flaneer to offer sovereign solutions. For the moment hosted on AWS, its offers should soon include the possibility of opting for hosting at Scaleway or OVHcloud in order to offer an entirely French DaaS cloud solution, at all levels, from the datacenter, to video streaming from the remote environment, via the IT infrastructure management platform.

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