focus on HyperMotion 2 technology

Year after year, the developers at EA Sports strive to ensure that their sports games have the highest fidelity when it comes to reproducing the behavior of athletes. Their football license, or soccer in the country of Uncle Sam, is no exception and it is only natural thatan eleven-minute video was broadcast to present the new features provided by HyperMotion 2 in FIFA 23.

The first version of the system had analyzed a multitude of real matches in order to transcribe in the game the actions carried out in real conditions. This year and for this new version only intended for next-gen machines, even more data has been collected, including for women who will see the animations of their virtual doubles greatly improved. This translates into the numbers as more than 6,000 different movements with particular attention to control-shooting sequences and races. In this regard, the specificities of certain players have been closely studied in order to transcribe acceleration and dribbling as faithfully as possible.

Other cosmetic and gameplay elements have been overhauled, always with a view to enhancing immersion, controller in hand. From now on, the feet, knees or fingers will experience deformations following contact with the ball, depending on its incoming power, for even more glaring slowdowns. Concerning the actions, finished the monotony of speed of the various footballers! In this new version, the acceleration will be more progressive and more particularly for the more imposing templates requiring more time to reach their maximum rhythm. Finally, set pieces have been completely revised with a focus on timing during penalties or the possibility with the right stick of determining the area of ​​the ball to be hit during free kicks.

fifa-23-ultimate-coverIt now remains to be seen whether these additions will constitute real added value for this FIFA 23 compared to its predecessor. We will have the answer on September 30th.when it was released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC and Stadia.

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