For Tim Cook, there is no excuse for the absence of women in technology

Today, Apple has just launched in the UK, a brand new initiative App Store Foundationsto encourage women to become developers.

And for Tim Cook, it’s really about tackling the absence of women in technology. In the past, the firm has distinguished itself in this area, seeking to strengthen equal treatment and opportunities for women, but also to improve diversity and inclusion.

I think the essence of technology and its effect on humanity depends on the presence of women. Technology is a great creation that will accomplish many things, but you won’t find great solutions unless you have different points of view around the table.

For the CEO of Apple, there is not even no valid excuse so that there are not more women in technology. The problem would even have to be taken upstream, companies cannot hide behind the argument that there are not enough women working in IT and that it is not possible to hire.

According to him, therefore, it is necessary fundamentally change access to institutions to increase the number of people who want to learn computer science and programming (and thereby, to promote the learning of code at school, a long time ago).

On his side, Cupertino takes the opportunity to slip in some encrypted information, claiming that the iOS app economy would account for over 440,000 jobs across the UK (presumably direct and indirect). It says the country is the leading provider of iOS app jobs in Europe, which itself now supports 2.3 million jobs in total.

Finally, Tim Cook made a few allusions to the sales of EarPods having fun with the pair used by the journalist (but he could have seen Mac4ever’s last Live as well…). However, he clarified that Apple was still selling it and that people still buy it ! And as a teaser at the end, he obviously turned to Apple’s future AR headset, believing that a day would come when people would wonder how they could have lived without

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