Ford is testing an incredible technology for its lights!

Ford is currently developing high-definition headlight technology, projecting information onto the ground.

If you’ve ever taken the road at night, you probably know that the conditions are far from favorable for safe driving. Besides the fact that it is very dark and that the visibility is not really optimal, there are also many dangers, such as the risk of seeing an animal crossing right in front of you. Not to mention the fatigue and lack of attention, which can then cause accidents, whether you are driving in town or in open country. According to Road safety, the risk of collision is then seven times higher than in the middle of the day when driving at night. This is why manufacturers are working on the development of new technologies to reduce the risks. And Ford seems to be finding a promising solution!

Practical technology

In a video published on Youtube, the American brand unveils a brand new innovative technology. This takes the form of high-definition lights, capable of projecting various information onto the road, such as speed or the presence of a roundabout or an intersection. But that’s not all, because these new generation headlights can also signal slippery road surfaces by displaying a snowflake-shaped pictogram directly in front of the driver. He therefore no longer needs to take his eyes off the road, since the information is now projected directly onto it. Note that these lights are also capable of projecting the size of the car, in order to verify that it can fit into a parking space.

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A system already seen

To tell the truth, if this technology is very promising, it is not completely new. Indeed, Volkswagen has also been working on it for a few years now, as has Mercedes. Better still, the German firm already markets this system, baptized Digital Light on its most premium models like the S-Class and EQS. For its part, Ford does not yet say if this system will soon be offered on a production model, while it is still in development for the moment. It will therefore still be necessary to show a little patience before knowing more.

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