Fortnite: creative mode 2.0, now close, will showcase Unreal technology

For the moment, the year 2022 is not a particularly good year for Fortnite fans. Fortunately, exceptional collabs like that of the DBZ universe have saved seasons that are sometimes a little soft, but until then, we were a little unsatisfied.

This was without counting the end of the year, during which Epic Games is planning a very nice surprise for us. Indeed, many leaks about the creative mode 2.0 have punctuated the news of the week. And we even had the right to first images relating to this innovative tool, which could well give the long-awaited second wind to Fortnite.


That Fortnite uses Unreal Engine technology owned by Epic Games is nothing new. But the latest leaks suggest that this new creative mode will happily dip into Unreal tools. Perhaps more than we could hope for. The Creative Mode 2.0 logo, accidentally released by Epic Games, shows that the tool will actually be called Unreal Engine Editor

When will Creative Mode 2.0 be released?

In May, Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, explained his wish to release Creative Mode 2.0 during the year 2022. More recently, some reputable data miners have explained that Creative Mode 2.0 should be released in December 2022at the same time as the next season of the game will be deployed.

And the latter have also pointed out that an exit of the creative mode 2.0 next December would be de facto in lieu of the 4th anniversary of Creative Mode 1.0.

For many fans, Creative Mode 2.0 would open up new possibilities in Fortnite and could breathe new life into Battle Royale, which has been losing steam for several years.

But where has the magic of the new Fortnite seasons gone? Despite spectacular collabs, flawless features, and engaging gameplay, Fortnite continues to hum and lag behind rival service games. Epic Mercy; give some hype back to my darling BR!

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