François Braun announces free medical consultations at “key ages”

PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP Health Minister François Braun announces the forthcoming introduction of three free medical consultations at “key ages” in life.


Health Minister François Braun announces the forthcoming introduction of three free medical consultations at “key ages” in life.

HEALTH – “We are entering the era of prevention”, congratulates François Braun. The Minister of Health announced this Sunday, September 18 in the Sunday newspaper (JDD) that free medical consultations will be offered to the French at “three ages of life, 25 years old, 45 years old and 65 years old”in order to strengthen the prevention aspect of the French health system.

This measure, which will be included in the next social security financing bill, explains the minister, who insists: “We are going to take better care of the children, who benefit from 20 examinations up to the age of 16, but also follow these generations during their lives. »

“It was a promise from Emmanuel Macron, everyone will now be able to benefit from a free medical consultation to take stock of their physical and mental health, at the key ages of their life, at 25, 45 and 65 years old”underlined the minister on Twitter.

For adults aged 25, this will be “to take stock of vaccines, their physical activity, possible addictions or difficulties related to the start of professional life”. They will also be alerted to “the need to have a doctor and the cardiovascular risk”.

Cancer screening, prevention of loss of autonomy…

At age 45, the consultation will focus on “the need to participate in screening for breast, colon or prostate cancer” and will allow “a report on physical activity and possible mental health disorders”.

Finally, at age 65 will be mentioned “prevention of loss of autonomy, screening for cancers and all diseases that can be prevented”, even if necessary retirement, a pivotal moment that is not so easy to grasp. “This five-year term will be that of a vast reform of our health and prevention policy”had promised François Braun at the beginning of September during a trip to Marseille.

Always at JDDthe Minister of Health announced that the “health” component of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR), the launch of which had been announced for the end of September, will begin on October 3 and will be divided into three parts, national, territorial and under form of digital citizen consultation.

“The challenge of access to care at the heart of the issue”

In a first part, “until the spring of 2023, consultation (will take place) at the national level with the key players – professionals and health orders, elected officials, patient representatives – in order to address cross-cutting issues such as the sharing of skills”he explains.

The second part, until the end of the year, will consist of “territorial meetings under the leadership of departmental pilots of regional health agencies, in conjunction with prefects and elected officials”. Finally, “a very broad digital citizen consultation will be offered to French people with questions about their experience, which will be launched in mid-October”.

Emmanuel Macron has already assured that “the challenge of access to care” would be “at the heart of the matter” of this health CNR, judging “not acceptable” the difficulties of many French people in finding a general practitioner. François Braun, for his part, undertook that “the intensification of the fight against medical deserts is among the priorities and (be) a clear objective” discussions.

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