Fresh Painting 2022: a festival of street-art and technology

It is back for a fourth edition. The street-art festival “Peinture Fraîche” is back this year. It will be held until November 6, at Halle Debourg (Lyon 7e). Four weeks to celebrate urban art in all its forms, from street graffiti to works exhibited in internationally renowned galleries.

“This year we are a festival of street-art and technology. […] We show technology, which is rather rare in other festivals.”, says Pierrick, alias Cart’1, artistic director of Peinture Fraîche. In this edition, the focus is on technology. We find, for example, NFTs, renewed animations such as augmented reality, or the introduction of tips.

  • augmented reality. Having become the essential animation of the festival, augmented reality will allow this year to discover more about the artist who hides behind each work. Using your phone, you will be able to access unpublished biographies and images.
  • NFTs (Non-fungible token). Digital works can now be acquired using NFTs, or secure digital property certificates. These allow art lovers and collectors to acquire authenticated works. Each fresco will be digitized and converted into NFT and then put up for auction, NFT constituting another means of immortalizing and making known the works of Peinture Fraîche throughout the world.
  • the tips. The possibility will be given to visitors to provide tips to artists via credit card, Paypal, or bit coin. “It doesn’t happen anywhere else. The idea is to also be able to communicate with the artist, when you leave a tip, the artist receives an e-mail, you can leave a comment for the artist »adds the artistic director.

The technology will also allow the public to practice graffiti with other mediums than spray, with the water light graffiti device or the iPad graffiti.

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