From “Aya Nakamura” to “Michel Sardou”, France seen through the Google searches of the French

What is hiding in the minds of the French? What do they want, what do they like, what do they think? How do they make their decisions? The question excites companies, who want to know how to sell their products to them in the most effective way, as much as politicians who seek to attract their votes. But it is also of interest to journalists, sociologists and, more generally, all the curious. The triumphs in bookstores in recent years of books by Jérôme Fourquet and Christophe Guilluy have demonstrated the general interest in the question: probing the psyche of the French has become a passion in a world that is no longer as predictable as in the last century.

A new source is to be added to the file, and this one will be accessible to all thanks to a website,, created by David Dubois, associate professor at the prestigious Insead business school, who accompanied him with a book “France according to Google searches”. He self-published it, to go faster: the publishers promised him a publication six to eight months later, which would have taken away part of the interest of the data he analyzed.

To understand the French, he immersed himself in Google Trends, an instrument that shows in real time the most popular searches by country. The search engine is a great tool to understand everyone’s concerns, and it is constantly renewed – every day, around a fifth of the rec

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