Fuel crisis: the number of poisonings by siphoning multiplied by five in October

This Friday, October 28, the National Health Security Agency unveils the figures for poisoning by siphoning which exploded at the height of the fuel shortage.

The fuel shortage caused the cases to explode. “Poison Control Centers have recorded more than five times more poisonings by siphoning of fuels” than in normal times, reports the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) in a press release published this Friday, October 28.

These mainly occurred at the height of the crisis, namely between October 9 and 18, she said. Among the symptoms of the victims, ANSES noted “appearances of fever or prolonged cough”, “respiratory disorders” which led to hospitalizations, “gastric reflux”, “abdominal pain”, “nausea and vomiting” as well as “headaches”, “drowsiness” and “dizziness”.

Good reflexes

“Characteristics of petroleum fuels (very fluid, irritating and volatile) promote false pathswhich can have serious consequences on the bronchiā€, she adds in her press release.

ANSES, which advises against siphoning with the mouth, gives some advice in the event of fuel ingestion. According to her, it is necessary to rinse your mouth with water, without drinking to “not cause a risk of vomiting”. It is also not recommended to make oneself vomit “to avoid the passage of fuel into the bronchi and then the lungs”.

Risky activities, such as driving, should be avoided. Your doctor or poison control centers can tell you what to do. In case of emergency, call 15, 112 or 114.

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