Gael Brouard, from fasttech to refurbished

“You have to do it well and do it thoroughly.” Here is the entrepreneurial philosophy of Gael Brouard, founder of Comparecycle. He founded his company after 15 years of employment with large technology companies. His reconversion, he anchors him in eco-responsibility.

Gael Brouard founded Comparecycle in 2011. “It is an eco-responsible comparator that allows you to value the take-back price of your old product in a Fnac-Darty type distribution chain.“, he explains on the set of Journey. The majority of products handled by the SME are smartphones. Comparecycle’s business is also benefiting from the boom in refurbished.

adventure and ecstasy

But if he is entrepreneur for more than ten years, Gael Brouard has been employee for more than ten years as well. Passed by large companies like PepsiCo and Toshiba France, he defines working as a formative phase in his career. But these words about theentrepreneurship and employers its most dithyrambic: “It’s adventure and ecstasy“, he says with a smile on his face.

But what triggered the entrepreneurial trigger ? “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, there are a lot of entrepreneurs in my family, especially in the craft sector. I love the freedom of having your own business, he adds. On the other hand, the workforce is formative even if it is not always easy to stay within the framework…

Have a green activity

When he works at nokia, it adheres to a cycle with new releases every three months. Over time, he analyzes this rhythm as a “technical flight forward”. Then, he feels the need to get closer to a more environmentally friendly. “So I looked for a development axis to return to my native southwest, while having a green activity. I then bet on the refurbished market which was still in its infancy 10 years ago.“, recounts the entrepreneur. He then bet on the takeover of technological material by creating a comparator.

I told myself that I had to go for it and do it all the way. Of course, problems are part of the life of a company, it’s scary, but we always get there”, he confides. Initially, he invests €100,000 in Comparecycle in equity. Seven months after the foundation, he also raised funds for €250,000 in order to develop its clientele. Since then, no fundraising has been done.

I ended my student life as an employee and started my adult life as an entrepreneur“, defines the project leaderyou to define its route.

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