Gates of Oxya, the new face of video games in the Web 3.0 universe of Oxya Origin and its Play & Earn

To win. Here is a word on the lips of men since the dawn of time, but which has a very subjective meaning. When we hear the word win, it resonates in us an idea of ​​money or time. Failing that. However, if these two words resonate with us the most, it is because they pose the question at the center of the discussions and debates of contemporary economic thought.What if my time generated money? » Of course, this question can only be in the eye of the storm of a booming sector such as: video games.

An American played an average of 80 minutes a week in 2008. Today he plays 24 hours a week. These simple statistics underline the obvious, video games have become a matter of time. Yes we play more, and we always will play more. So, how to make this time profitable, for the player, and for companies in the video entertainment sector?

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A French company is working to try to give a new voice to the chapter by creating their first game Gates of Oxya with its solid partners Ubisoft and Unreal 5. Their challenge is to initiate a new way of playing video games, in order to give the player’s performance potential monetary value. A desire also to differentiate themselves from their false friends Play-to-Earn which often pushed the player to have to pay in order to progress.

the Play & Earn on the other hand, aims to leave the player in control of his decisions. He can choose to play the game in the usual way. But he can also choose to convert his experience acquired in the game into digital assets commonly called NFT or cryptocurrency.

These digital assets become the sole property of the player and are recorded on a decentralized digital ledger called blockchain. The same technology that drives cryptocurrency. Even if on paper everything seems radiant, fears are beginning to emerge, especially within the gaming community who fear a purely economic and featureless game.

It is on this point that the French company wanted to reassure its community, from the top of its four hundred thousand subscribers on the networks, by ensuring that its objective has always been to make a game invented by players for players. “Gambling is a passion, not just entertainment. For many, having an idea of ​​profitability would be like harming what they love. This is not at all what we are looking for. On the contrary. We just want to create a game where player experience can be rewarded. […] The more time he spends playing, the more skill he will acquire to progress quickly and accumulate winnings. Then he will have the choice of what to do with his winnings. He will be free then, for it will be his and his alone. »

The second aspect that the studioOxya Origin wants to put forward is land and resource management. These resources will be essential to improving your character’s equipment, making it unique, and thus creating a real parallel economy. From then on, you can, as a player, buy or resell your precious improvements as you wish. The more land you own, the more you are influential. This hierarchy resembles a world we know well, sometimes believing that inventing a universe is above all looking at our own.

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Source: Oxya

Now back to our first question.and if my time generate money?Having stated all these points, we can now put the question another way, “what if my experience in a game could generate money?“We are beginning to see the possibility of a new era, where our gaming experience would be profitable. But let’s go even further. What other sectors could learn from the Play & Earn by creating their own economy, while being rooted in reality? Innovating also means knowing how to look accurately into the past. In the space of twenty years, the video game has gone from entertainment to a real investment for the future. How far will it still evolve? What will be his next step?

Each generation has seen the emergence of visionaries who have profoundly transformed the world we know today. Is Play & Earn one of these giants? All we can say is that those who have the will to change our vision of the possible should not be taken lightly, and that Oxya Origin is already one of them.

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