GAUSSIN – GAUSSIN and SYMBIO enter into a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating the development of GAUSSIN’s range of hydrogen logistics equipment – 2022/10/05 – 6:10 p.m.

Soft (Memorandum of Understanding) must allow the integration of SYMBIO’s H2 fuel cell systems in ATMs® by Gaussin

GAUSSIN (EURONEXT GROWTH: ALGAU – FR0013495298), a pioneer in clean and intelligent goods and passenger transport, and SYMBIO, a Faurecia & Michelin joint venture specializing in hydrogen fuel cell systems, announce the signing of a letter of ‘intention (Memorandum of Understanding) for a strategic partnership. The agreement should make it possible to accelerate the development of GAUSSIN’s range of hydrogen vehicles with the integration of SYMBIO’s tailor-made H2 solutions within its ATM vehicles®. This partnership should make it possible to increase the performance of GAUSSIN vehicles and accelerate their marketing. For Symbio, this agreement increases the field of application of its technology and puts its know-how at the service of pioneers of zero-emission mobility.

A strategic partnership for GAUSSIN

The letter of intent signed by GAUSSIN and SYMBIO provides for the cooperation of the two players with a view to integrating the Hydrogen SYMBIO technology into ATM vehicles® by Gaussin. The success of this cooperation should give rise to the acquisition by GAUSSIN of StackPack® SYMBIO fuel cell systems in order to increase performance and accelerate the commissioning of its range of hydrogen vehicles with its customers.

Innovation is at the heart of this partnership and thus opens up very promising prospects, with a tailor-made hydrogen solution for high-performance low-carbon mobility applications.

A responsible solution for zero-emission mobility

The physical mechanism behind the fuel cell consists of generating electricity in a cell, by bringing hydrogen and air into contact with a catalyst. This electricity generated by the chemical reaction is used to power an electric motor, with the only residue released being water vapour. This technology is therefore particularly relevant for the most demanding electrical applications, in order to achieve levels of performance that the battery alone cannot meet. This results in real gains in autonomy, recharging time and power.

GAUSSIN and SYMBIO share the same belief in the power of hydrogen technology, a solution for the future for zero-emission mobility without compromising on performance, particularly in terms of range and speed of recharging. Thus, the two groups aim, with this partnership project, to promote innovative solutions and contribute to the necessary energy transition.

GAUSSIN once again demonstrated its expertise in hydrogen on September 24 and 25, 2022 during the 24 Hours of Le Mans Trucks. The ATM® H2 was presented to the general public and decision makers from the world of logistics and transport during the event. It received a warm welcome and generated strong interest from stakeholders in the sector.

Promising synergies

SYMBIO, a Faurecia & Michelin joint venture in the field of hydrogen, is a global equipment supplier of 1er rank in the automotive industry that combines over 30 years of experience. Acting as an innovation partner for its customers, SYMBIO designs, develops and produces fuel cell systems according to the highest industrial standards. Its complete range of StackPack® makes it possible to meet all the performance, durability, autonomy and safety requirements of on-road and off-road mobile applications. Its objective is to consolidate its positions as a global partner in zero-emission mobility with a production capacity of 200,000 StackPacks® per year by 2030.

The company, of French origin, is based near Lyon, less than 300 km from the GAUSSIN site in Héricourt. The partnership of the two players would thus strengthen the French hydrogen mobility sector and the power of Made in France in this strategic sector. SYMBIO shares with GAUSSIN the desire to place sustainable development and energy transition at the heart of its mission.

This strategic partnership with GAUSSIN allows us to broaden the field of application of hydrogen technology for logistics operations and demonstrate its power: zero emissions without compromising on performance. We are honored to support a committed and innovative player like GAUSSIN, to accelerate the deployment of clean mobility. We are determined to put our know-how and our technologies at the service of the decarbonization of our society, it is a major challenge », declares Philippe Rosier, CEO of SYMBIO.

This letter of intent with SYMBIO is a new decisive step in the development of GAUSSIN’s hydrogen range. It reflects the continuation of our efforts in this area after an already particularly rich year in 2022, marked in particular by the success of our H2 Racing Truck.® in the Dakar rally and its world tour, the “Hydrogen Personality of the Year” prize which was awarded to me at the National Assembly or even the launch of the AGV® (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) H2. The strategic partnership we are discussing should make it possible to accelerate the marketing of ever more efficient hydrogen vehicles and thus allow GAUSSIN to maintain its technological lead in this sector which, more than ever, promises to be essential for the clean mobility of tomorrow. . We share with SYMBIO a common ambition for the acceleration of the energy transition and I am confident regarding the continuation of the negotiations. », declares Christophe Gaussin, CEO of GAUSSIN.


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