GetPackage this Israeli technology that delivers you the same day at a lower cost

This service is standard in Europe and the USA: consignments that arrive at their destination on the same day have long been an integral part of the service basket.

In fact, the revolution comes late to Israel because the one who brings the good news and aligns with the western world is GetPackage- An Israeli company responsible for a collaborative technology platform that is gaining momentum and positioning itself at the forefront of delivery services.

The vision: reduce costs and delivery times, offer a complete service package and a short, convenient and safe process – and above all: fast and economical.

“Although the trend of e-commerce is already here and has an excellent level for the consumer, theMost companies in Israel have not yet understood that their logistics must be able to respond, it is not enough to sell, but also to deliver within very short deadlines», explains Ram Stein, Marketing Director of GetPackage.

“Consumers are unwilling to wait days and weeks for delivery, preferring to do business with companies willing to offer them same-day delivery. All the actors involved in this field must unite on this topic.”

As a matter of fact, Studies show that more than 90% of consumers prefer to receive the purchased products on the day of the order – If companies that do not prepare to offer this service, they gradually become irrelevant. After years of lagging behind, Israel’s shipping industry has developed innovative technology GetPackage now has the answer with a daily delivery service.

“Delivery time and price are our top priority”, Stone explains. “The company founder, Nir Bengal, recognized the problem in the last decade and formulated the solution: a digital platform for physical deliveries.

Logistics centers and truck fleets, cumbersome topologies and intermediary chains that make delivery more expensive and delay delivery are no longer necessary – With us, the delivery order is placed online via the computer or the app , and is available anytime, anywhere. In this way we can lower the prices, if the delivery is not only on the same day, it’s also 10 percent cheaper compared to what’s common on the market.”

No delivery quantity binding

So what prices do you offer on Get Package? ?

Well, it’s 30 shekels for each delivery within a travel radius of up to 20 km, the service covers hundreds of cities from north to south, and the price is mainly determined by the distance required for the delivery. It is important to specify: we have no commitment regarding the quantity of supplies and quotas, which enables maximum operational flexibility for every company and saves with us from the first delivery.

How does the service work in practice?

It’s very easy. Registration for the service is possible via the company’s website or the application: with one click, a delivery order form and an automatic quote appear, alongside the time slot in which the delivery must arrive at the destination.

In the next step, personal and payment data are entered (via a secure procedure) – done.
The shipment is on its way and reaches its destination on the same day.

From that moment, the sender receives real-time information on the status of the shipment, as well as the contact details of the carrier and a personal code for the delivery of the packageto ensure the right package is delivered to the right person.
Additionally a get operatorpackage Customer service, which includes a chat with a representative, is available all day.”

“Our system bundles all incoming articles in the database and activates an algorithm intelligent that produces optimal routes‘ Stone explains.

“At the same time, The system locates the couriers closest to the pick-up point and presents the different offers to carry out the deliveries according to the preferences indicated by couriers. The synchronization between the courier and the delivery is fast to significantly reduce delays. There is clearly a technological breakthrough in Israel that is turning a long and cumbersome procedure into a simple one. Fast, economical and efficient.”

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