Gisors. 5G now covers the town, despite opposition from some elected officials

Elected officials surrounded by representatives of the operator Orange at the time of inaugurating 5G coverage in Gisors. ©The Impartial

The municipality of Gisors is now fully covered by 5G.

This technology, which particularly serves mobile telephony communications, is brought to the capital of Norman Vexin first by Orange.

With the agreement of the municipality, the operator deployed an antenna on the Gisors water tower.

four times faster

Marc MaoucheOrange regional delegate Normandy and Nicolas LoquéOrange director in charge of relations with local authorities inEure accompanied by the mayor Alexandre Rassaertofficially announced this deployment at the town hall of Gisors recently.

This new 3.5 GHz technology allows speeds up to four times faster than 4G.

And in the near future, 5G will meet changing needs (telemedicine, autonomous car).

Less greedy

While the energy concern occupies the minds with the approach of winter, the representatives of the operator have praised the merits of 5G.

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Marc Maouche specifies:

“Unlike 4G which broadcasts continuously, this new technology broadcasts according to demand only, which saves energy”.

And to add:

“I am delighted to launch Orange 5G today in Gisors with the Mayor. At Orange, our priority is to provide the best mobile speed. In addition to the 4G network, our customers, both individuals and businesses, will benefit from an unprecedented quality of service with the new 5G technology. For example, if you download a 4 GB high definition movie on your mobile: in 4G, it will take 13 minutes compared to 2 minutes in 5G”.

No danger?

In Normandy, Orange has already opened 5G in many towns in Eure: Evreux, Angerville-la-Campagne, Fauville, Vernon, Saint-Marcel, Beuzeville, Louviers, Le Vaudreuil, Incarville, Alizay, Gisors, Gravigny, Le Manoir, Le Torpt, Léry, Normanville, Pinterville, Val-de-Reuil.

Responding to the controversy, Marc Maouche wanted to reassure the residents of this new branch deployed in Gisors:

“No scientific study has demonstrated the harmfulness of its waves”.

A message supported by the mayor of Gisors, Alexandre Rassaertand his first assistant, Jose Cerqueira who rejoiced on Tuesday with a new technology which, according to them, allows “to increase the attractiveness of the territory, especially for businesses”.

City council controversy

The installation of the first 5G antenna on the water tower of Gisors was discussed at the last city council.

Although the theme was discussed at the end of the session, it gave rise to a tense pass of arms between the elected representatives of the majority and those of the opposition.

To start with Anthony Auger (various left) who did not fail to show his opposition during the debate.

“We cannot want to be more sober in energy and at the same time take part in a technological headlong rush… Today 5G and tomorrow 6G or even 7G”.

And the leader of the Gisorsian left to continue:

» Some municipalities are in 0G! (smiles from the assembly) 5G pylons consume three to four times more electricity than 4G. And all this for what purpose? Allow the fridge to dialogue with the TV or replace the services with digital? ”

So many words that made his right-wing colleagues jump likeElise Huin and Carole Lederle :

“Mr. Auger, this will make the region more attractive by bringing in companies… It will also facilitate telemedicine consultations”.

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