Glasurit muscle AraClass

Glasurit reinforces AraClass and makes it a range totally eco-designed. An environmental advantage made possible by the group’s global strategy BASFwho substitute gradually raw materials of fossil origin Has renewable raw materials. The entire AraClass range therefore adopts the internal label Eco Balance. An aspect that finds a favorable echo close to bodybuilder customers depending on the brand. This is an argument that interests bodybuilders today », remark Eric Verwachtcommercial and operations director of BASF France, Coatings division. We are seeing more and more fleet tenders that include this aspect », adds Veronique Barbier, marketing manager of BASF France, Coatings division. the final customer would also be sensitive In this argument and an taught as Self-distribution does not fail to underline it in its communication in body. Some insurers are also beginning to emphasize this aspect, even if they insist for the moment on the used parts to the general public. Beyond this aspect, Glasurit announces a content in VOC (volatile organic compounds) limited to 250 g/l for all the products in its Line 100, while the European regulations sets a ceiling 420 g/l. This rate limits the environmental impact and allows certain products to no longer be considered dangerous.

UV is the future

Among the new AraClass products, several are designed for UV technology. If this repair method has not nothing newthe energy crisis and technological evolution offer him a bright future. The operating cost of a cabin is becoming a key parameter in workshops », notice Thierry LeclercTechnical Manager Western Europe of BASF Coatings. Technical advances in UV lamps have given a boost to this technology », he continues. Use of UV-A non-harmful and progress in paint products dedicated to this technology allow daily use in workshops. This adapts well to small bumps, which are a significant part of repairs. It is the most promising technology », ensures the technical manager. For the moment, only one excessively curved body shape stop a UV curing. The speed allowed by UV products speeds repair, while maintaining energy costs nearly dummies. Two particularly important aspects when knowing the consumption of a cabin heated to 60 degrees. More generally, the a climb in temperature cars should gradually get trickybecause of their technological content. Thereby, Porsche and Bentley have prohibited the use of infrared for drying their vehicles during a repair. Finally, the upcoming arrival of a UV varnish qualitative, easy to apply and to dry, should mark a decisive step in adopting this technology.

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