Google allows you to try Resident Evil Village for free: how to take advantage of it?

Thanks to its cloud gaming technology, Google makes a playable demo of Resident Evil Village available to everyone. Just click on a link to enjoy it.

Google failed to really transform the trial with Stadia, its gaming service. But the technologies developed by the multinational will not be totally abandoned. In a press release published on June 9, it announces the availability of a playable demo of Resident Evil Village accessible to everyone, from a simple link.

More concretely, it is Capcom which uses the Immersive Stream for Games platform, designed by Google, to offer an interactive overview of Resident Evil Village on the official website. In this way, people interested in survival-horror have the opportunity to try it in a few seconds, before possibly acquiring the complete game in the version of their choice. This is a very relevant use of cloud gaming.

Demo Resident Evil Village via Google // Source: Google

How do I access the Resident Evil Village demo?

Attention, this playable demo of Resident Evil Village is not a hidden promotion for Stadia — otherwise it wouldn’t be easy to take advantage of. Just click on this link, enter their date of birth and possibly connect a controller to discover the experience. There is no need to create a Google account or create a Capcom account. There is a desire for democratization behind this initiative which could be repeated for other games.

It will still be necessary to ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth (10 Mbps at least) to play in comfortable conditions. Note that you can enjoy it on a PC (Windows 10, macOS 11) but also on a smartphone or tablet (Android 11, iOS 14.3). Capcom and Google are even planning touch controls, in case you don’t have a gamepad handy. The two companies have therefore thought of everything. Google obviously favors the Chrome browser, but Safari is also supported.

Demo Resident Evil Village via Google
Demo Resident Evil Village via Google // Source: Google

On the performance side, this demo runs in 1080p (SDR) and with acceptable fluidity. The graphics look much better on a PlayStation 5, but there’s no streaming on Sony’s latest console. The ‘I click, I play’ argument necessarily implies some visual concessions and the objective is not to impress, rather to help you see if the gameplay can suit you. Two portions are offered, without any time limit: one in a castle, another in a village.

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