Google Chrome will be able to fill all your passwords on iPhone and iPad

Google has rolled out a bunch of new features to its browser for iOS. Among the most interesting is the ability to fill in app passwords with Chrome’s built-in password manager.

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Chrome for iOS is going to gain a bunch of new features. In a blog post published on June 23, 2022, Google announced all the advancements in version 103 of its browser for iPhone and iPad. And we can not say that the company has been stingy with the changes.

The latest version of the browser allows you, for example, to automatically fill in your app password fields with those saved in Chrome’s memory. You don’t even need to have the software open: as soon as you launch Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any other application that requires identification, a pop-up appears, offering you to fill in the fields on the screen with the identifiers and password saved in your Google manager. Convenient for those who use Chrome on computers, tablets and smartphones and who don’t want to be bored fetching their passwords on their other machines.

To activate the feature, go to the Settings app on your fruité mobile device, then to the Passwords section and check that the Prefill passwords option is activated. If so, you should be able to choose Chrome as your password provider.

Google wants to protect you from malicious sites

Chrome 103 will also bring “safe browsing” to iOS. This option shares the web pages you visit with Google to ensure that you are not surfing on a malicious site. This feature will also alert you if the usernames and passwords you enter on a site have already ended up in hacked personal information databases. If you want to turn it on, launch Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, tap the Menu button (the three little dots at the bottom right), then choose Settings. In the Google Services section, you should find the Safe Browsing option.

The browser interface on iPad and iPhone has also been slightly redesigned and the automatic translation options improved. Finally, Chrome will be able to understand commands typed in the search bar. For example, if you enter Delete History, the first result should allow you to start the process without having to go to the settings. It is also possible to open a private browsing tab with the same technique.

If you use Chrome on iPhone and iPad and want to take advantage of these new features, make sure your app is up to date. Just go to the App Store, select your profile picture, then check for an update in the…Updates section.

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