Google Immersive Stream is clearly the priority on Stadia

It’s been an interesting year for Stadia, but it’s become clear that Google has a bigger priority going forward. If the past few weeks are proof of anything, Immersive Stream for Games is Google’s way forward in gaming.

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New games on Stadia

During the week of June 6, no new games were added to Google Stadia. The only notable release was the High Isle release for Elder Scrolls Online.

Welcome to High Isle, a part of Tamriel never seen before in the Elder Scrolls. Explore the idyllic oceanic enclave of Breton and seat of chivalric culture as you face the ruinous forces of the Ascendant Lord.

Google added 28 new games to Stadia in six months of this calendar year. In 2021, Google delivered 107 new titles to the Stadia library, and the company promises at least 100 new games in 2022, a tall order at this current rate.

Notably, Google has stopped including the promise of 100 new games in its latest community updates and blog posts, with the last mention occurring in March.

Upcoming games on Stadia

There was no official reveal for new games coming to Stadia this week, but there were a few hints. Hotel people StadiaSource spotted Row of Saints going through the Le like coming to Stadia. The game, which is set to launch on August 23, has yet to announce any official plans to come to Stadia. On the contrary, it is only planned for Xbox, PS4/PS5 and a PC version via the Epic Games Store.


Google puts a heavy emphasis on immersive streaming for games

The only real news about Google Stadia this week wasn’t about Stadia at all.

Capcom and Google this week announced a partnership that sees the game maker running a free demo of Resident Evil: Village through Immersive Stream for Games. It’s the same technology that makes Google Stadia’s cloud gaming possible, but it’s an independent experience that other brands and studios can customize to suit their needs. AT&T uses Immersive Stream for Games to offer Control to its wireless customers for free.

While another Immersive Stream client is great to see, it’s also been very clear through Google’s posts that this is what the company sees as its way forward for cloud gaming. The revelation of this resident Evil demo was picked up through the official Google Stadia Twitter accountby Reddit, and even on Google’s Keyword Blog. This was the first Stadia-related article on The Keyword outside of the monthly “Savepoint” in over three months.

Google also replied to a question of Nerf Report Host Bryant Chappel says games on Immersive Stream won’t necessarily come to Stadia.

If it wasn’t already made abundantly clear, Google is focusing on Immersive Stream. Is this a bad thing for Stadia? Not necessarily. In fact, as our Kyle Bradshaw previously pointed out, it gives Google a good reason to keep the platform going.

If Stadia is simply a product of Immersive Stream for Games, Google’s ability to license and improve Immersive Stream will enable improvements that Stadia players should benefit from over time. In this author’s view, this is actually a much better situation for Stadia, as the service’s fate is no longer tied to its own success.

But that probably means that the state we see today is unlikely to change any time soon.

Golf With Your Friends DLC not coming to Stadia

Hit multiplayer game Golf With Your Friends arrived on Stadia earlier this year and joined the Pro lineup this month. However, the game is not ready to get any of the upcoming DLCs. A new expansion pack has been announced for release later this month, but the expansion will not be coming to Stadia as confirmed on To babble.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint saves are still broken

Last month, an error between Stadia and Ubisoft caused Ghost Recon: Breakpoint players to lose their saves. While Google and Ubisoft are working on the issue, it remains in place two weeks later, users cannot restore their data.

World War Z is going crossplay

Some good news: World War Z is soon crossing. Starting with the “Cut & Mend” update, the game will offer crossplay with other platforms, but there’s no timeline on when that will happen at this point.

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