Google Maps will soon give you the cost of your trip

Google Maps incorporates a long-awaited feature: the possibility of knowing the price of a route according to the tolls that are there.

Google Maps will offer its option of more eco-responsible journeys in 2022 in Europe // Source: Google

Google Maps is probably one of the most popular GPS apps out there, but it lacks some basic features that have been around for a long time with some competitors. Thus, during Google I/O 2022, the Mountain View firm announced, for example, a new mode for more eco-responsible routes. Apparently, the Mountain View firm had a little extra in its bag which it had forgotten to mention: it will soon be possible to display the cost of a trip.

Android Police spotted the update. This should make it possible to choose from the route options the price of the tolls, but also the most “efficient” roads in terms of energy. For now, it was already possible to avoid toll roads but without knowing the exact price.

France must wait

The update is currently available in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia, but Google says other countries will follow. For the time being, this new feature is not available on a web browser, you must use the Android or iOS application.

Android Police points out some limitations in the system. It is for example impossible to know the cost of each route individually, only the total cost of a given route is given to you.

As a reminder, for the “most eco-responsible route” part, the functionality is also not available everywhere. It starts in a few major cities, namely London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and New York.

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