Google Nest and Android devices are finally compatible

Google has announced that it has finished deploying Matter on its Google Nest products, but also on Android. Which greatly accelerates the development of the standard for connected objects, which promises ambitious interoperability.

computer log for connected objects object was launched last month with a first range of compatible products. It’s your turn Google to make its Nest products compatible, but also Android devices: smart phone, tablets. An update has been rolled out to millions of connected objects and billions of Android devices (Android 8.1 and higher and Google Play Services version 22.48.14) in the last few weeks.

As a reminder, the Matter Standard was created jointly by Google, Amazon, Samsung and Apple among other. It aims to unify the ecosystems of connected objects automation easy to handle. Compatible objects are interoperable and can work on multiple home automation systems at the same time. Enough to create complex scenarios using multiple connected objects: light bulbsAwakening, thermostat, plug connectedEtc.

Google makes its products compatible with Matter

After the arrival of Matter in its Google Home Automation application, Google is rolling out this compatibility with its Nest products and Android devices. As the giant in says his press releasethis makes possible ” Set up Matter-enabled devices quickly and consistently and personalize your smart home “.

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Also, Matter needs a hub to control other connected objects. If you want to use the app Google homewe need a Google Home or Nest device that can act as a hub for Matter “. Products that can be hubs are the original Google Home speaker, Google Home Mini, nest mini, NestAudioNestHub (1 and 2nd generation), Nest stroke maxand the new Nest WiFi Pro. At the moment, pairing a Matter device is only supported by the Google Home Android application, but iOS support will arrive in 2023. You can therefore control your connected objects with your iPhone or his iPad.

Other small new features to really integrate Matter into the Google ecosystem

In addition, Google said it has updated the second-gen Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Hub Max, and Nest Hub. to make them work thread router limit, so you can also connect Threaded devices to your network “. A big update since Google added Matter support for Fast Pair on Android. This improves the connection of devices compatible with the protocol to its network Wireless and Google Home.

First Matter-compliant products are arriving // Source: Connectivity Standards Alliance

Fast Pair will also make it easier to connect Matter devices to systems other than Google’s home automation app, such as Amazon Alexa for example. Google further stated that it worked with Samsung: When you open the Google Home app, you see Matter devices set up with Samsung SmartThings and you have the ability to easily add those devices to Google Home and vice versa. ยป

On the other hand, few devices are still compatible with Matter at the moment, although development tends to accelerate, thanks in part to the big players investing in the project.

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