Google News or Discover or Google Publisher: differences and advantages

In order to gain visibility and improve the traffic rate on the Internet, a good ranking on Google is necessary.

Even better, it can be really useful to be more targeted on Google News and Google Discover as they promise large audiences.

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Generate traffic with Google News or Discover websites

Beyond traffic, there are many benefits associated with Google News sites, not to mention the notable difference between News and Discover.

Benefits of Google News websites

Benefits of Google News websites
Benefits of Google News websites

It’s an open secret that Google is the most used search engine in the world.

As a blog or news website, it can help you appear on the first page of search results on Google News websites gain some notoriety on the internet and dramatically increase your traffic.

Each week, Google News attracts more than a billion visitors to the referenced sites and around 6 billion to other web queries. After a search, the first links Google News suggests have a CTR of up to 20-25%.

In the field of natural referencing or SEO, the most desirable position is zero because it brings higher visibility and better click-through rate. The positive point of Google News is that the indexed content appears at the said position on Google.

Another advantage of Google News is that each page can of course be referenced there, provided the latter provides both qualitative and reliable information. Of course, other parameters must be respected in order to increase the chances of appearing on Google News pages.

Difference between Google Discover and Google News

Formerly known as Google Feed, Google Discover was introduced in 2018. It is a tool that internet users can use to do thisaccess content that only takes into account their areas of interest.

With Google Discover, the user does not have to You don’t have to do a classic search, because the tool uses his data to offer him news content that is likely to interest him. On Google Discover, some content comes from Google News, entertainment sites, e-commerce, etc. It should be noted that this The tool is only available on mobile devices (phones and tablets).

Google news now works just like a search engine. It is a free online service on which we find information articles. In the present case it is so Google decides which new messages to show based on various sources. But upstream these must have been deemed relevant by Googlebot.

In short, the difference between News and Discover is that in the first case, a request must be entered in order for the robot to display the relevant news. In the second case, it is rather the data of the Internet users that determine the content. There is one here too larger amount of information which only conveys the interests of the users.

Peculiarity of Google Publisher

Google site
Google site

With Google Publisher you can Submit your site to Google News. To get there, you need to go to the Google Publisher Center and tap on the “Add Post” option. Then you need to create a description of your website and choose the category that best suits it. You must also enter the contact person, the main language, the website URL and your Google Analytics code.

Google Publisher Publishers:

With Google Publisher you have more as a publisher Organize and submit your content more easily on google news. By using this tool, you can get better rankings because Google understands the nature of your content better.

This is possible with the functions available for publishers Improve the visual identity of your publication (Changing the theme, adding a custom logo, changing fonts, etc.). You can also create RSS feeds to share your content. You can even create Google ads if your goal is to monetize your content.

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