Google Play now tells you when your password is compromised

The Google Play Store has received a new update which brings a lot of features. Among them, monitoring security breaches. From now on, the Mountain View company will encourage you to change your password if necessary.

Credit: Mika Baumeister via Unsplash

Security breaches are commonplace on the net and sometimes difficult to track. Did I change my password correctly on this application? Besides, has it been hacked or not? Do not panic, Google you now take it by the hand.

The latest update to the Google Play Store, analyzed by Android Police, includes a rather interesting feature on this subject. Google will prompt you to change password if needed.

The Google Play Store continues to evolve slowly but surely

This novelty is included in Google Play Services version 36.22 (not yet available from us). If the user tries to sign in to an app using the autofill feature, Google will automatically scan for old security breaches.

If it had one and you haven’t changed your password since then, the Mountain View firm will tell you that it might be time to do so. This suggestion will make it possible not to have the whole history of hacks (publicized or not) in mind. Of course, it is possible to be a mule and keep your current password… at your own risk.

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Other small improvements have made their way to the Play Store with this update. Wallet, for example, now displays visual indicators to unlock and start a car. Other additions, within the Play Store this time, have been made. Featured apps now display more information so the user can see at a glance if they’re interested or not. Again, a minor change but one that helps improve service.

Small modifications which will arrive in our regions shortly, and should make it possible to ensure a little more the security of our data.

Source: Android Police

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