Google quietly seizes Alter and its AI avatar creation tools

Google quietly acquired Alter. The start-up offers solutions for brands and content creators to express their virtual identity by creating avatars using artificial intelligence technologies. This acquisition, the amount of which amounts to approximately 100 million dollars, is reported by TechCrunch.

It was made almost two months ago but has not been revealed to the public. Technology companies are accustomed to acquisitions kept secret. Some people working at Alter have changed their LinkedIn to say that they now work at Google and the Alter website is no longer functional. A Google spokesperson confirmed the acquisition to the news site but declined to comment on financial details.

Alter raised $3 million

Alter, which has offices in the United States and the Czech Republic, began life as Facemoji, a platform that offered plug-and-play technology to help game and app developers integrate systems of avatar in their applications. The start-up received $3 million in a fundraising campaign from investors such as Play Ventures, Roosh Ventures and Twitter. Alter’s technology could be used in video games or virtual reality games.

Google hopes to use Alter to improve and expand its content offerings, a person familiar with the matter said. The goal for Google would be to strengthen its recreational content and better compete with TikTok.

Google invests in AI

Google has invested heavily in artificial intelligence in recent years. From language learning models to image and video generators, the company is making artificial intelligence a major technology in its product developments.

The company is also looking to bolster YouTube. The platform is popular with many American teenagers and this allows Google to keep a foothold in the social networking sector. Recently, YouTube released a new feature named YouTube Shorts for short videos, positioned as a competitor to TikTok.

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