Google suspends hiring for two weeks

Google has announced a total suspension of recruitment for a period of two weeks according to the media Siècle digital.

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The move came days after its CEO, Sundar Pichai, shared an internal memo to prepare his teams for tough times. Indeed, the current economic situation has a very significant impact on the world of tech as a whole.

Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President of Google has sent an email to employees of the company to inform them that they will use this period to review their staffing needs and align with a new round of priority recruitment requests for the next three months.

The CEO, Sundar Pichai, has also invited his employees to “to show a greater entrepreneurial spirit and to work with greater urgency, greater focus and greater hunger than what we have shown on the sunnier days”.

It should be noted that the whole tech sector is affected and that other tech giants like Meta, Microsoft, Apple and Spotify have taken the same decision as Google. Some companies like Netflix, TikTok have been a little harsher in their decisions by laying off their employees.

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Source: Century Digital



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