Google wants Apple to adopt the RCS standard

On the iPhone, the color of the bubbles used in communications within the Messages application indicates which technology is used: the bubbles are blue when it’s iMessage and green when it’s an SMS or email. an MMS. It has become quite a symbol over time, the blue bubbles making it possible to distinguish iPhone users and therefore to create a feeling of belonging to a certain community, even social class. And of course, Apple has added features specific to iMessage that are not available in conversations involving users on Android.

This situation does not particularly delight Google, which has just launched a new campaign called Get The Message to try to push Apple to adopt the RCS standard. Unmanaged group conversations, compressed videos, inability to send messages over Wi-Fi, lack of read or encryption notifications… Google lists the disadvantages of limiting itself to SMS/MMS technology in conversations between iOS and Android, and they are absolutely unmistakable. All users are losers in this story, not just those of Android, and the adoption of the RCS standard pushed by the GSM Association would solve the problem.

Google RCS Campaign

It’s not just Google that is trying to put pressure on Apple on the subject. There are also the regulators and in particular the European Union which could force Apple to adopt the RCS format through its legislation on digital markets (DMA). The text indeed requires interoperability between the major messaging services: Apple could open iMessage to third-party developers, but the adoption of RCS seems more likely in the coming years and Apple would be in good taste not to wait to be there legally constraint.

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