Gramat. Modern technology at the service of wildlife park visitors

After the holidays and with the spring holidays which have attracted many visitors, you have to come to the animal park of Gramat. Discoveries abound. “We have set up an application which allows, by scanning a QRcode printed on the panels of the various enclosures, to discover the life and qualities of the residents in the form of a quiz”, specifies Nolwenn Leriche, communication officer.

This application has been in place since the Ascension Day and already exists in around ten enclosures, including those for wolves, bears, foxes, lynx and poultry conservatories. “This allows a visit that is both fun and educational.” The application also gives access to a geolocated map: “We can no longer get lost in the park!”.

For his part, Jean-Paul Birou, the director of the park, specifies that investments are still in progress and should be operational at the start of the summer season. We should discover new enclosures and new animals, thus reserving surprises that await visitors. We are impatiently waiting to discover them.

Many births have already been announced (kids, lambs, piglets, Scottish oxen, foals, chamois and ibexes) which delight young visitors. As has been the case for several years, the month of June will see many schoolchildren pass by who will benefit from all the pedagogy provided by the trainers.

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