Hammer-IMS, a small Belgian who sees far in quality control

Born in a laboratory at KU Leuven, the company has developed a unique technology and raised 2.5 million euros to no longer be limited to Europe.

It’s through working on her doctoral thesis in the micro and nano electronics laboratory Mica from KU Leuven the Noel Deferm and Tom Redant laid the foundation for innovative technology in the quality control. You have started this journey In 2013then made it a reality by founding their company 2016 Hammer IMS. And they have just reached an important milestone in the past few days via a Capital increase of 2.5 million euross. LRM, the growth-enhancing investment company in Limburg, and Gemma Frisiusthe investment fund managed by KU Leuven, KBC Private Equity and BNPP Fortis Private Equity participated in the fundraising as existing shareholdersInvest in jobsthe fund, which combines financial and social performance (jobs), seized the opportunity to invest in its capital.


Million Euros

LRM, Gemma Frisius and Invest for Jobs increased the capital of Hammer-IMS by 2.5 million euros.

“We let ourselves be inspired radar technology to create our quality control system for industrial applications tom redant, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. We use electromagnetic waves comparable to those of mobile phones, but at higher frequencies: between 30 and 300 gigahertz. Wave generators of this type were expensive, but we managed to produce them more cheaply, which made our technology marketable.”

To this end, the two doctoral students analyzed wireless systems and the various microchips available on the market, then developed an algorithm Original that they made work on cheaper chips.

“We use electromagnetic waves that are comparable to those of mobile phones, but at higher frequencies: between 30 and 300 gigahertz.”

Tom Redant

CRO, Hammer-IMS

Eco-friendly alternative

How does that actually work on the assembly line? “Located at the passage of the product, our system emits an electromagnetic signal that penetrates the material check. This delays the wave; we Calculate this delay time and we link it to the composition of the material.” This allows them to be identified and categorized production error.

They put in their “baby”. Manufacturer of textiles, industrial plastics and insulating materials like rockwool where there has been satisfaction. Your technology has proven itself an interesting and ecological alternative to “conventional” measuring systems based on ionizing radiation. They then refined their facilities by upgrading them the sensorsthe software part, through the integration of cameras etc.

Noël Deferm and Tom Redant found their first customers in France and Germany before they (also) became prophets in their country. Today, Hammer-IMS is well established in Western Europebut wants to gape at him global markets: The United States and China are on their roadmap. It’s one of two reasons for raising funds. The other relates to machines: “We will develop new technologies in this area by working on artificial intelligence and cameras,” summarizes Tom Redant. Because radar technology still accounts for around 90 percent of sales today, the company wants to increase the proportion of news.

Targeting the United States

“In recent years we have consistently further developed our measurement technology, expanded our range and expanded our business internationally…”

Noel Deferm

CEO, Hammer-IMS

“In recent years we have systematically developed our measurement technology, expanded our range and expanded our business internationally, mainly in Europe,” explains CEO Noël Deferm. This capital increase aims to speed up the process. By offering a broader range of products in a larger geographic area, we can achieve greater global market share faster.”

So far, Hammer-IMS has installed its machines with relatively few people. The company does not employ only a dozen people today. This should change with new growth ambitions. “We’re going to hire four people this year and in five years we’ll be thirty to forty,” said Tom Redant. This explains the presence of Invest for Jobs at the round table. “In addition to the financial return, we attach great importance to the solid and long-term anchoring of Employment in Belgium“, remind Nils Nijs, its chief investment officer. The opportunity to underline that the identity of the investors also helps to anchor the company a little more in Belgium.

The abstract

  • During their doctoral work in the micro and nanoelectronics laboratory Micas at KU Leuven, Noël Deferm and Tom Redant laid the foundation for an innovative technology in quality control.
  • They realized their project by founding their company Hammer-IMS in 2016.
  • With a capital increase of 2.5 million euros, they have reached an important milestone in the past few days; LRM, Gemma Frisius and Invest for Jobs participated in the fundraiser.
  • These new resources will be used to expand their markets outside of Europe and expand their product and technology range.

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