HDMI 2.1a cables will soon be longer thanks to this technology

Very high speed HDMI cables will soon benefit from a new technology that will increase their length. Indeed, thanks to the HDMI Power Cable, these will be directly powered by the HDMI port of the device to which they are connected, thus avoiding the loss of data when transferring over longer distances.


In the vast majority of cases, HDMI cables hardly need to measure more than a few meters, as the two devices to be linked are usually next to each other. Indeed, it rarely happens that your console is at a great distance from your television. But, in some cases, such as when installing a home cinema to cite only this example, it happens that longer HDMI cables turn out to be very useful.

However, the HDMI 2.1a standard, unveiled at CES 2022, suffers from a limitation precisely on this point. By transferring a larger amount of data between devices, the cables necessarily have to be shorter to avoid untimely losses. Nevertheless, this problem is about to be solved. Indeed, a new revision of the standard will make it possible to increase the length of the cables, thanks to a technology called HDMI Power Cable.

Very High Speed ​​HDMI Cables Will Soon Be Longer

To avoid data loss during the transfer, there is only one solution: directly feed the cable from the port. Currently, “active” powered HDMI cables require an external source to achieve longer lengths. With HDMI Power Cable, the simple port of your monitor or TV will suffice, without the need to bring a third-party device.

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Note that HDMI Power Cables will always be unidirectional, which means that inputs and outputs will be predefined and will not be interchangeable. But the benefit for users who need more room for maneuver is there, since it will suffice to connect the devices to obtain the best possible quality.

For the time being, there are not really devices equipped with an HDMI Cable Power port, so it will be necessary to wait a few more years before see technology democratize. If you want to take advantage of it, we advise you to watch out for scams that will take advantage of the craze, as has been the case with fake HDMI 2.1 televisions.

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