health authorities are concerned about a severe epidemic

published on Friday, October 07, 2022 at 12:52 p.m.

Australia, where the flu traditionally circulates before it arrives in France, is experiencing much higher contamination than usual.

While France is not yet done with Covid-19, the flu is making its seasonal return. And this year, the epidemic could be particularly severe, according to specialists quoted Friday, October 7 by franceinfo.

“There have been very few vaccinations in previous years.

So, immunity tends to decline in the general population. Then, we use the mask much less, we pay less attention. And then, if we look a little at what is happening in the southern hemisphere, we see that the forms are more severe”, analyzed epidemiologist Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, head of the infectious diseases department at Henri- Mondor.

Australia, where the flu is currently circulating, is experiencing an epidemic marked by much greater contamination than in previous years.

“We don’t need another pandemic”, worried the Minister of Health François Braun on Sunday in an interview with the regional daily. West France, as the country faces a new wave of Covid-19, marked by an increase in contamination and hospitalizations. The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 started on October 3, advanced due to the resumption of the epidemic. The flu vaccination campaign is due to start on October 18. It will be possible to be vaccinated “simultaneously” against Covid-19 and the flu: “An injection in each arm”, specified the High Authority for Health (HAS).

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