heart failure continues to progress, an awareness campaign soon to be launched

published on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 12:03 p.m.

Health Insurance will launch on September 25 a national campaign to raise awareness of heart failure – deemed too poorly known, especially by seniors – under the slogan “Heart failure: what if your heart was trying to tell you something?”.

A chronic disease that is not well enough known. This Tuesday, September 20, Health Insurance announced the launch an awareness campaign on heart failure, which affects at least 1.5 million French people and continues to progress.

At the origin of a “deterioration in the quality of life, repeated hospitalizations, death”, heart failure is “heavy with consequences”, underlines the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam) in a press release.

However, the number of people concerned, currently “underestimated because the sick take a long time to be diagnosed”, should “progress by 25% every four years”, she notes.

Against a background of improving life expectancy, heart failure increases with age, thus affecting 10% of seniors aged 70 and over. Although this disease mainly affects people over the age of 60, “its incidence increases before the age of 55, as in other European countries, due to lifestyle habits that are harmful to health (smoking, sedentary lifestyle, diet)”, also notes the Cnam.

Health professionals will also be made aware

Deeming this pathology too poorly known, especially among seniors, Health Insurance will launch a national awareness campaign on September 25, under the slogan “Heart failure: what if your heart was trying to tell you something?” she. As World Heart Day approaches on September 29, this campaign will be rolled out to the general public in the press, on the radio, on television or on social networks in order to “improve knowledge of heart failure , warning signs and so on promote early diagnosis, by encouraging patients to talk about it with their doctor”.

“Unusual shortness of breath, rapid weight gain, edema of the feet and ankles, excessive fatigue”… Isolation, these symptoms are “not specific to the disease but their association or their recent occurrence should suggest heart failure”, thus underlines the Health Insurance. They are to be watched especially after 60 years, in particular for people already diagnosed given the risk of “aggravation of the disease which can lead to decompensation, or even hospitalization”. Health professionals (doctors and paramedics) will also be made aware by Health Insurance via their specific information channels.

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