here are the worst on the market, according to 60 million consumers

In total, 17 products analyzed out of 24 obtain a score lower than 10/20

The magazine 60 million consumers has screened 24 references of fruit and chocolate cakes and biscuits and reveals those who hold the palm of the worst snack.

If the snack is a special moment for children, adults are not left out. Between colleagues at the office or at home with the youngest, one in four adults would taste it every day, according to an OpinionWay survey carried out in May 2021. But what do they really contain? To find out, the magazine 60 million consumers had 24 references of cakes and biscuits filled or coated with chocolate or red fruits analyzed and reveals the results in its October issue.

As you might expect, all products are very high in sugar. From a nutritional point of view, sugar is not essential. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not to exceed 25 grams per day, or six teaspoons for a ration of 2000 calories. However, according to 60 million consumers, eating two biscuits (i.e. a portion of 50g) makes us ingest 14g of sugars on average. The prize for the sweetest cake goes to Strawberry Doodingues by Casino (23g/serving).

Many additions to the menu

Another observation: the products of the four-hour break are very rich in salt and saturated fatty acids. 60 million consumers cite among the products to absolutely avoid Chocolate Nuggets from Milkathem Bonne Maman milk chocolate shortbread or even the Lu’s Granola.

Finally, the cakes contain many additives. Lulu The Pooh counts nine and he is closely followed by the P’tit Déli strawberry fondant heart snack brand mark E. Leclerc. In total, 17 products analyzed out of 24 obtained a score lower than 10/20. Diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease, cavities… to limit the risk of all these diseases, it is better to limit your consumption of biscuits and cakes at snack time and favor fruits or mueslis for example.

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