Here is the ideal smart shower to save water

Oasense offers a smart shower head to save water. Thanks to sensors, it automatically reduces the flow each time the user moves away to soap up.

This winter promises to be particularly complicated, between soaring energy prices and the persistent drought. This new invention is timely, saving water, and in particular hot water, which represents up to 14% of the electricity bill. This is a smart shower head that automatically limits water flow.

When showering, the ideal is to use the water only to get wet, then to rinse the soap and shampoo, and turn off the tap in the meantime. If some manage to adopt these gestures, this is not the case for all. This is why the start-up Oasense created Reva, which cuts off the water automatically and is very easy to install on any standard shower column.

A shower head full of sensors

To operate, Reva does not use a camera and is not connected to the Internet. The device contains infrared sensors that detect if someone is directly in the shower. It is powered by a turbine which produces electricity through the passage of water and charges a battery. When turning on the shower, the device lets the water pass at maximum flow until the temperature has stabilized, then it reduces the flow to 15% while waiting to detect someone. It then automatically switches between 100% and 15% flow each time the user steps back slightly to lather up.

The device uses sensors at different wavelengths in order to adapt to the very variable conditions of the installations and not to be disturbed by the steam. It automatically calibrates itself each time the shower is turned on. According to the manufacturer, this shower head saves more than 50% of water, which will also have an impact on the electricity bill. Reva is currently on sale on the Oasense site, at a price of 350 dollars and 68 dollars for delivery in France, or around 422 euros.


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