Here is the Nautilus, the luxury underwater yacht for wealthy amateurs

The aptly named Nautilus is a luxury underwater yacht concept capable of carrying ten passengers and up to seven crew members. It has just been presented at the World Yacht Show in Monaco.

Futura had mentioned the case of the Sky Cruise, an improbable cruise plane designed to carry 5,000 passengers. If this concept only sold dreams, it could well be that, in a few years, a ship, a luxury submarine like a yacht, could really circulate as close as possible to the seabed. This concept was presented by the Dutch shipbuilder U-Boat Worx at a niche show, the Monaco Yacht Show.

This underwater yacht bears the evocative name of Nautilus. As in the work of Jules Verne published in 1869, he could just as easily cruise on the water or go diving. In terms of characteristics, according to U-Boat Worx, the boat should measure 37.5 meters for a mass of 1,250 tonnes. With its diesel engine, it could evolve on the surface at 9 knots, i.e. nearly 17 km/h, and underwater at 4 knots (7.5 km/h) by switching to an electric motor. When diving, the submarine would be able to reach a depth of 200 meters. The Nautilus could remain submerged for four days. Its autonomy under water at cruising speed would then be six hours.

The vessel should be equipped with a mini booster boat positioned below the aft deck. The device called Aronnax can be extracted from the hull of the Nautilus in order to carry up to five people for a short outing at sea or to dock in a port area that cannot accommodate the mother ship. Above ground, the expansive deck of the Nautilus features a swimming pool and a large dining table and bar. The set can be retracted before diving. In this case, a large roof covers these elements so that they do not take on water. The builder does not explain how the water level of the freshwater pool is managed in the event of a steep inclination of the vessel.

25 million euros to show off in Nemo’s skin

As for the luxury side, the submersible yacht has a 50 m² saloon with four large portholes, each 4 meters in diameter. Four cabins and a large bedroom are also planned as well as a kitchen. To accommodate a crew of six to seven people, the Nautilus would also have a dormitory.

What suggests that this concept could well see the light of day is that U-Boat Worx is already a specialist in small submersibles. He still has to add the share of luxury to be able to enjoy a glass of champagne at 20,000 leagues under the sea. The builder already knows how to meet all the safety criteria required for a submarine since he trades in it.

The manufacturer already indicates an entry ticket to 25 million euros. He also explains that once the order has been placed, the future owner will have to wait up to thirty months to put himself in Nemo’s shoes. As another constraint, it will be necessary to find a home port that can accommodate the draft of the Nautilus, without scraping the bottom, because it rises to 6.5 meters.


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