Here’s why the future Lens hospital will be at the cutting edge of technology

The future Lens hospital (Pas-de-Calais) should open in 2025. (©DR)

The 5th joint digital fair was held on Wednesday September 28 and Thursday September 29, 2022 at the Bollaert-Delelis stadium. For the occasion, Rémi Bouchez, head of architecture and innovation for public hospitals in Artois, spoke about the future Lens hospital (Pas-de-Calais). Here is why it will be state of the art.

The health establishment, which should open in 2025, is eagerly awaited by the population. The Lens hospital center is the hub of the Territory Hospital Group (GHT) of Artois, also made up of the hospitals of Béthune, Hénin-Beaumont and La Bassée.

The “new Artois metropolitan hospital” will open in 2025

In total, 330 million euros are invested to bring out of the ground the “new metropolitan hospital of Artois”. Work officially began in June 2021 and is progressing at a good pace. The wish of the GHT and the local authorities is to make it a hospital center developed digitally and technologically.

In addition to the state-of-the-art machines available to the establishment, this involves developing the hospital-patient relationship: “To simplify the process, various digital tools have been put online. In particular, they make it possible to offer appointments, teleconsultations or access to imaging and laboratory results. The information will be shared within the group”, explains Rémi Bouchez in the review of the Digital in Common show.

A single “computerized patient file” will be deployed to allow healthcare professionals to access their patients’ information. “The digital tools, which will feed our patient file, will simplify care and will facilitate the use of all the expertise or sub-specialties present within our establishments. The journey of users will therefore be made more fluid.

“We are also working on the deployment of secure health messaging. With the agreement of each patient, medical data will be transmitted to city health professionals in order to facilitate the continuity of care after their discharge from the hospital, ”he adds.

Robots in the hospital?

Rémi Bouchez assures him, “the future hospital of Lens was thought, from its conception, as a digital tool which will integrate innovative and proven technologies, linked to each other”.

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The hospital center will benefit from a “powerful and secure computer network”, commensurate with the data flows that will be used.

The logistics have been redesigned by including, among other things, the use of agile robots. And yes, robots in the hospital! “They will, for example, transport small equipment and will be able to use the same elevators and corridors as staff and patients,” he explains. This new health establishment will make it possible to “make a technological leap” by transforming uses and practices to “contribute to the well-being of users”.

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