High mountains. Noema, “masterpiece of technology” and cooperation

The sky is not with Noema, this Friday, September 30. Exit the VIP visit to the astronomical observatory on the Bure plateau, lost in the fog at an altitude of 2,500 m. At the foot of the slopes of Superdévoluy, the rain abundantly justifies the marquee which shelters the guests. The most powerful millimetric radio telescope in the northern hemisphere is officially inaugurated. Without the German and French Ministers of Research, who made themselves look pale.

New horizons for astronomers around the world

Whatever. The drops confirm that the marriage between CNRS scientists and the Max-Planck Gesellschaft, its equivalent across the Rhine, is happy. “It’s a great Franco-German success, a very good example of our cooperation,” said Stefanie Stegemann, who represents the German Embassy in Paris. The 12 antennas of Noema make the two countries “leaders in world astronomy”, enthuses Antoine Petit, the boss of the CNRS. ” A…

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