High-tech construction site for water supply

A spectacular part of this work is underway in the Marian city. Boreholes are drilled to pass the water supply pipes. But it is not easy: you have to go from the low point which is in the plain of Famenne to a high point, above the city (in the direction of Gedinne). On the way, you have to pass under the railway tracks and a national road. And we had to find an original technique to do this.

A hole to slide the pipes

To achieve this, we do not dig trenches. Instead, a hole is first drilled. Then the drill head is guided by a GPS signal and joins the starting point to the arrival point, thus passing, for example, more than 20 m below the railway line.

Once the drill head has done its job, all you have to do is slide the pipes in at once. In addition, we will take advantage of this technology to route an optical fiber from the low point to the high point. The distance between the two points: more than 400 meters.


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