High-tech goodies: when technology combines with ecology

The French are unanimous: according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for SQLI, 84% of them believe that limiting the impact of digital technology on the environment should be a priority in the years to come. An awareness that encourages companies to accelerate their ecological transformation in internal and external communications, of course looking to the future, but towards a greener future. Focus on sustainable high-tech that stimulates the goodies market.

On the way to more environmentally friendly materials

Electronic components that require the extraction of lithium weigh heavily in the carbon footprint of new technologies. Not to mention the addition of petrochemicals! To answer the new consumer expectations and to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible, high-tech treats are now swapping traditional plastic for more sustainable materials, as evidenced by a large number Selection of promotional USB sticks made from FSC®-certified wood, headphones made from recycled plastic or even computer mice (rechargeable) made from wheat fibre. A big step forward for companies that want to equip their employees according to their CSR commitments.

The rise of technology made in France

The trend of business relocation is accelerating in all sectors, including new technologies. From now on it is possible to offer high-tech promotional objects eco-designed and manufactured in France, such as USB sticks made of vegetable plastic or batteries made of recycled rPET plastic, all in ESAT (facilities or services for Support through work) are assembled to support people with disabilities. The only downside: the electronic components imported from Asia, where the only factories that can manufacture them are located. If you are looking for high-tech products 100% made in France, you can always turn to locally-made accessories such as mouse pads or webcam covers!

Solar energy at the heart of everyday use

Among the high-tech giveaways that are popular with customers and employees, solar energy is also on the rise. The miniaturization of photovoltaics – more relevant in a time of energy sobriety – is becoming more and more part of the daily life of the French, especially in technological applications that tend to increase energy bills. Why not make your contacts aware of energy savings, at home and/or at work, with external batteries, nomadic speakers and even wireless earphones that only work thanks to the energy of the sun? Personalized with your logo, these innovative and eco-friendly treats are perfect to set you apart from your competitors.

More minimalism with multifunctional objects

In a logic of consuming less but better, consumers are increasingly attracted to high-tech products that are packed with multiple features. The mantra “less is more” is confirmed today in the new habits related to technology, which consist in keeping only one object for multiple purposes. So that your employees can keep their minds free in the office and at home, you can opt for high-tech 2-in-1 goodies with integrated wireless charging technology (Qi induction) such as mouse pads, alarm clocks, speakers, lamps and car mounts. Multi-port charging cables that avoid having a cable for each electronic device have also become essential.

In the context of the climate crisis, the high-tech world will stop at nothing to limit its impact on the environment. Sustainable materials, French manufacturing, renewable energy… All means are used to find the right compromise between promotional gifts and carbon footprint. A bright future is also promised to the latest ecological innovations such as PLA plastic made from sugar cane or biodegradable ABS (with the addition of biosphere additives) to strengthen the innovative and committed spirit.

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