Higher education in engineering and technology: 179.695 billion CFA francs to train 10,000 young Africans in Kigali

Some 10,000 young Africans will benefit from the new partnership that the Rwandan government has just signed with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the Mastercard Foundation. The information is contained in a press release that reached our editors.

Endowed with a budget of 275.7 million USD (approximately 179.695 billion F Cfa), continues the same source, this mane will make it possible to develop the engineering and technology, research and entrepreneurship programs of the site of Carnegie Mellon in Kigali.

According to him, it will contribute to strengthening the African ecosystem of technology, innovation and research.

This will result in a contribution to the significant expansion of higher education in engineering and technology at CMU-Afrique in Kigali.

The press release also informs that the investment of the Foundation foresees a permanent financing of 175 million USD for the CMU-Africa. It also includes an amount of USD 100.7 million for the creation of the CMU-Africa Center for the Inclusive Digital Transformation of Africa.

Concretely, specifies the same source, this historic partnership with the Mastercard Foundation will allow CMU-Africa to devote itself to objectives including the development of teaching capacity, with in particular the introduction of a new degree in engineering from artificial intelligence, and e-learning programs.

It will also be a question of increasing the annual number of students enrolled at CMU-Africa by more than 33% but also of offering additional financial assistance to more students, with in particular increased support for the scholarship program of the Mastercard Foundation at CMU-Africa. “This collaboration will award direct scholarships to a total of 300 students,” the statement read.

Among other objectives, the program will work to ensure that programs recruit and provide opportunities for marginalized groups, including women, people with disabilities and displaced people.


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