Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies: first pours of 0% clinker carbon-free clay concrete with Bouygues Construction and Chryso

Pouring a decarbonated clay concrete slab 0% H-EVA clinker

By the editor, June 7, 2022.

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Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies carried out the first castings of 0% clinker carbon-free clay concrete (H-EVA) on a construction site, thus culminating in two years of joint R&D with Bouygues Construction and Chryso as part of their partnership.

For two years, the research and development teams of the three companies have worked closely together in the context of carrying out specific technical tests to develop low-carbon concrete made from H-EVA cement. This cement has a formulation that does not contain a gram of clinker and a carbon footprint divided by 4 compared to traditional cement. It is based on an ettringite technology by alkaline route based on activated clay developed by Hoffmann Green and comes in the form of a powder that can be stored in a silo and is perfectly compatible with existing manufacturing processes. With a mechanical resistance of up to 60 Megapascals at 28 days, its solid technical performance allows it to be used for all types of concrete applications in buildings and on roads. Today, this partnership is accelerating and leads to a first successful application on a construction site, paving the way for future achievements with 0% clinker H-EVA concrete. With the scale launch of this H-EVA clay concrete, Hoffmann Green is accentuating the diversification of its supply of co-products which, as a reminder, is divided between clay (H-EVA), high-grade slag -furnace (H-UKR and H-IONA), gypsum/desulfogypsum (H-P2A) and calcium sulphate (H-IONA). “The launch of the first projects based on carbon-free clay concrete 0% clinker H-EVA materializes the success of the close collaboration carried out with the teams of Bouygues Construction and Chryso, whom we would like to warmly thank”, declare. Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, Co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, “dDeveloped with historical and recognized companies in the construction sector and presenting unique technical and environmental characteristics, this new clay concrete will allow us to diversify our supplies of co-products and address more markets in favor of decarbonization. of the construction industry”. “We use ever lower impact materials. Our partnership with Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies contributes to the group’s responses to the major construction challenges by controlling our impact on the environment”, adds Christian Cremona, Materials and Structures R&D Director at Bouygues Construction. “Clay, at the heart of H-EVA technology, is a material available almost everywhere in large quantities which can be recovered thanks to a very specific admixture. Our range of Chryso EnviroMix admixtures, and in this case EnviroMix ULC for ”Ultra Low Carbon”, has been developed to meet the constraints of low or very low carbon concrete. Through sustained investment in R&D for many years, we are committed to supporting our customers and our partners in reducing the carbon footprint of their activity. This partnership illustrates the central role of innovation in providing credible solutions to the new challenges facing the construction sector,” adds Bruno Pellerin, R&D Director of Chryso.

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