How can technology help make tourism more sustainable?

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The A World For Travel forum will take place in Nîmes on October 27 and 28. For two days, dignitaries, academics, politicians, business leaders and global industries will come to exchange ideas and best practices in order to transform the travel sector in the long term. What will be the highlights dedicated to the role of digital in the sustainability of tourism?

The second edition of the A World For Travel forum will take place in Nîmes from October 27 to 28 with the same mission: to enlighten participants on ways to sustainably transform the travel sector. “After an edition centered around the why and the what, this year will answer the how and how much questions. The focus will be on action,” explains Christian Delom, Secretary General of A World For Travel.

During the event, the Roland Berger firm will strive to collect the best practices and the best types of action that could be suitable for the entire industry. And Christian Delom to complete: “With the support of the region and local communities, the event will provide clear guidance on the development and management of sustainable destinations and businesses, how to approach the human aspect and the impact of tourism and travel. on a destination, a business, a community, their economy and their adaptation to climate change. Ahead of COP27, we will give an overview of what will be discussed in Sharm el-Sheikh and ministers from around the world, business leaders, experts will also share their visions and the policies put in place. A World For Travel is not just another forum, it is a unifying forum”.

What role can technology play in sustainable tourism?

Several highlights will address the subject of innovation and technology. This is the case of the round tables “Aviation, Cruise, Rail: Technology Driving Mobility and Sustainability”, “The Problem and the Solution for Carbon Offsetting & Carbon capture –Technology and AI Carbon impact measurements” and “Understanding Risk and Preparedness for the future”. The use and understanding of data play an important role in managing flows and anticipating the needs of territories and travellers.

The event will also be an opportunity for the Open Tourisme Lab accelerator to explain how startups and innovation fit into the themes addressed and the transformation of tourism.

In all, 3 sessions, 10 case studies, 4 round tables and 4 keynote speeches will take place over the two days. Pre and post-tour options offered to participants will allow everyone to discover the Occitanie region.

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