How COREX technology improves aroma perception: explained by a VAPORESSO scientist

Beyond the satisfaction of nicotine and chasing clouds, vaping is above all an exploration of our perception and appreciation of flavors.

The way we perceive aromas is quite complex. Taste-wise, there are six flavors that can be categorized: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. Flavor is not only related to our tongue, it is also perceptible by smell.

According to the NIH, humans can distinguish over a trillion scents. It goes without saying that by improving refillable vaping devices, we are also pushing the boundaries of flavor delivery.

From the invention of the first vaping device until today, flavor has become an essential part of the vaping experience.

In the early days of vaping, the main goal was to create bigger clouds. There wasn’t much emphasis on flavor beyond sweetness. Today, vaping isn’t just about chasing clouds. Vape juices have expanded into a wide range of flavors, from tobaccos, fruits, candies, desserts, menthol, and everything in between.

However, while the e-liquid provides the flavor, the vaping device is the key to unlocking it and delivering it in flavorful vapour.

Flavor is the art of temperature

For years, scientists have been researching ways to unlock the full flavor potential of vaping. Dr. Yu Zhou, a scientist from the SMOORE laboratory, said:

“We collected and tested thousands of liquids from the market, just to find out the temperature potential. market liquids to find out how vaping devices can deliver the best flavor. We are We have drawn some interesting conclusions from our research, but the most important thing is that we can say that aroma is the art of temperature “.

Dr. Zhou has worked for years for SMOORE’s sub-brand, VAPORESSO, to continually improve the temperature control and flavor delivery of its products. “All vaping devices, from the beginning to today, share the same basic heating mechanism. This includes some sort of storage for the liquid, a heating coil and a wick. When you heat the coil of a device, the heat will vaporize the e-liquid from the wick, delivering it to the user. Generally, the range at which users tend to vape is between 100°C and 315°C. But at the lower end of this range the vapor and resulting flavor is quite weak, and at the higher end the puffs are harsh and the flavor can degrade due to the breakdown of PG into formaldehyde” .

Dr. Zhou continues:

“There is a smaller temperature range between these two extremes – the ‘sweet spot’ if you will – in which users will experience ideal aroma delivery. It gives an accurate representation of the flavor profile of the e-liquid while remaining smooth. After thousands of tests with thousands of flavors from different manufacturers, we have found that the zone of best flavor expression is between 200° and 260° C, depending on the juice”.

Diffusion of aroma

“With the newly developed COREX technology, we hope to solve the problem of uneven heating and aroma release. By using a new MORPH-Mesh coil design with a larger surface area for heating, a larger part can reach the optimum flavor diffusion temperature. For users, this translates to bigger, tastier clouds.”.

VAPORESSO Morph-Mesh (left) and traditional mesh (right)

Aroma consistency

You may have experienced perfect flavor, only to see it degrade over time as the cotton core loses its ability to retain liquid. Although this is an improvement over older silica-based wicks, organic cotton wicks still suffer from significant degradation in fluid retention over time.

Unfortunately, to find a cotton that avoids this problem, we have to go back to the drawing board.

“We looked at all the cotton materials available on the market, but couldn’t find any that met our requirements. So we decided to make one ourselves”said Dr. Zhou.

Zhou’s team succeeded in manufacturing a patented COREX cotton wick by adopting the industry’s first 3D spinning process. Made up of microfibers that give it a fluffy, cloud-like texture and greater surface area, COREX cotton absorbs e-liquid more efficiently, thoroughly, and evenly than standard cotton wicks.

“According to laboratory tests, the aroma retention of COREX cotton is 40% higher than that of traditional cotton, and its lifespan is 20% longer. For users, this means that every puff carries the same tasty punch, even after prolonged use”says Dr. Zhou.

COREX cotton compared to traditional cotton

Leaks Corrupt Flavor

Most people have experienced this. Sometimes the puff comes with an extra spicy, weird flavor you don’t want. Of course, we’re talking about those unfortunate cases where a leak from the device results in liquid being inhaled directly into the user’s mouth. While the flavor of an e-juice can be enjoyable in its vapor form, it can be overwhelming in its liquid form. While 100% leak protection is still a work in progress, several vape manufacturers have improved on this issue, introducing several of their own technologies over the past few years.

COREX in practice

“So far, we have successfully implemented COREX technology in VAPORESSO’s LUXE X Kit”emphasizes Dr. Zhou. “From our lab tests, we can already see clear improvements, including a 50% increase in vaporization efficiency, a 50% increase in flavor and vapor reproduction, and a jump 50% of the life of the pods ».

Over the past two decades, vaping technology has advanced at lightning speed. With the next generation of vaping development upon us, what new advancements in flavor can we expect? Whatever they are, they will certainly be exciting to see.

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