How is technology making its way into the Fashion Week shows?

who said that technology didn’t rhyme with fashion? This season, Fashion weekend did not only work with the small hands of fashion. Make way for science and computing! Nothing too flashy yet even the biggest brands have gotten into it. According to tagwalk, the trend even increased by 13% this season. In Paris, it is Koche who got the ball rolling by presenting a collection in collaboration with the pope of technology himself: Google. Christine Kocher has developed silhouettes as futuristic as they are poetic with the help of the G of “GAFAM”. Results : a dress and a skirt that light up in the dark, a hoodie Google logo… We will come back for a wow technological, the soufflĂ© has fallen somewhat.

Especially when we compare the innovations to that of Coperni who shook social networks for more than forty-eight hours with a single dress. SĂ©bastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant have teamed up with the designer and Spanish scientist Manel Torres to dress Bella Hadid with just a liquid. Simple ? Not much only that. The mixture that contains cotton fibers evaporates on contact with the skin leaving only tissue. Fifteen minutes of sprayingthree people to take care of you, and you’re done. This is what we call tailor-made coupled with a successful happening. With this creation, the house has su to find the attractiveness of Science to turn it into an iconic moment. Art, fashion and technology in one outfit, what more could you ask for?

Computing not fancy?

In most cases, this attraction to technology was more often derisive and humorous than anything else. Instead of making it beautiful, we play with it Oppo at Mark’s Rambaldi. This is how the designer ended up inlaying smartphones in her skirts. This is not useful, it’s not practical, but it’s technological. A collaboration that seems rather offbeat in the middle of dresses and tops crochet in acid colors. At the house of jw Anderson on the other hand, no surprises. The designer, accustomed to playing with whatever comes into his head, had fun creating a top keyboard and dresses adorned with large computer keys. Get dressed in the computer department? It is now possible. And the designer even breaks down the wall between virtual and real at Loewe. Again, no innovative material, but a stunning trompe-l’oeil effect. Among the fifty-three silhouettes imagined by Jonathan Anderson, two come straight out of Minecraft. pants and hoodie pixelatedthe assumed inspiration has already been noticed. And here, technology always takes on more importance in the midst of the floral elements that mark the collection of the Spanish house. In 2023, the end of 100% futuristic collections, technology seems to have found its ideal place. Present both on the catwalks and behind the scenes.

All the catwalks that have integrated technology into their fashion

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