How New Times wants to turn heat engines into hydrogen engines

The Alesian (Gard) New Times design office has specialized for 24 years in computer programs and R&D, mainly for industrial and biotech companies. Its leader and founder Didier Lopez announces the release, in the summer of 2022, of the first vehicle equipped with their latest innovation: a hydrogen engine.

“We have been working for three years on a system for converting a heat engine into a hydrogen engine, says Didier Lopez. The objective is to reduce emissions and pollution generated by hydrocarbon engines. It is a solution for transforming the billion thermal vehicles in circulation in the world. For this we make changes only on the engine block and without loading the weight of the vehicle. »

300 km range

With this technology, vehicles have an average range of 300 km, before needing to fill up with hydrogen “which would take a few minutes on the LPG model”says the leader.

“Of course, development must go hand in hand with the deployment of suitable charging stations on the territory, which is why we are part of the national and regional plan on hydrogen”, he adds.

The Occitanie Region has also just awarded an innovation grant to New Times in the amount of 141,291 euros, to enable it to assemble the first prototype vehicle on the mechanical center of Alès. Didier Lopez wants to present this prototype this summer, before tackling the river market by proposing to adapt the engine to small boats, then to heavy goods vehicles.

Target customers

“Our target clientele are manufacturers, shipyards or garage chains, says the leader. We are also considering the possibility of doing co-development according to the needs of a client, and of offering our licenses. »

The company could initiate a fundraiser between “two and three million euros”, to launch marketing at the end of the year. Didier Lopez is aiming for one million euros in turnover from 2024 and ten million euros by 2027.