How to Add a Page to Google Docs

To add a new page anywhere in your Google Docs document, select an option from the Google Docs menu bar or use a keyboard shortcut. We’ll show you how to use these two options in Google Docs on desktop and mobile.

In Google Docs, you add a new page by inserting a page break. Anything written after this page break will appear on the new page.


Inserting a new page in Google Docs on desktop

To add a new page to a document from your desktop, first launch the Google Docs site on your computer. Next, open the document where you want to add a page.

In the document editing screen, place your cursor where you want to insert a new page. Everything to the right of your cursor moves to the new page.

Select the location for the new page.

From the Google Docs menu bar, select Insert > Break > Page Break. You can also press Ctrl+Enter (Windows, Linux, Chromebook) or Command+Enter (Mac).

Choose Insert > Break > Page Break.

If you have View > Show Print Layout enabled, you will see a page break line indicating the new page. If this option is not enabled, scroll down to see your new page.

Page break line in Google Docs on desktop.

This is how you can split your text into multiple pages in Google Docs. Very convenient !

Add a new page in Google Docs on mobile

To insert a new page from your mobile, start by launching the Google Docs app on your phone. Next, tap the document where you want to add a page.

On the document preview page, in the lower right corner, tap the pencil icon. This will allow you to edit your document.

On the editing screen, tap where you want to add a new page. Anything to the right of where you typed will appear on the new page. Then, at the top, select the “+” (plus) icon.

Choose a location and press “+”.

In the “Insert” menu that opens, choose “Page break”.

Select “Page Break” from the menu.

In your document, you will see a dotted line with the text “Page break”. Everything below that line is on a new page.

A page break line in Google Docs on mobile.

Here’s how to turn your one-page documents into multi-page documents in Google Docs.

Now that you’ve added multiple pages to your document, you can add page numbers to make it easier to find a specific page in your document. Check out our guide on how to do this.

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