How to Create a Library in Google Scholar

While a great tool for students and scholars, Google Scholar isn’t just for them, as it can help many curious people with their research. Do you know how to collect all the items you want to keep without having to download them?

Today we tell you how to create a library in Google Scholar.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a platform which, according to the user’s wishes, presents the results of scientific articles, master’s and doctoral theses, relevant academic works, books, abstracts and other types of documents. prepared by academic and professional institutions. It is possible to find up-to-date scientific evidence in the most varied fields of investigation.

Especially for students and scholars, it is a tool that can be very useful. In fact, knowing its features allows us to use Google Scholar in an optimized way, saving time and facilitating research (whatever it is and whatever it is).

One of the features of this platform is the possibility of creating a library to aggregate the contents that we intend to keep. This is what we are going to teach you to do.

Library on Google Scholar

For organizational reasons, it may not be advantageous to upload all the documents that come to you during an investigation. Therefore, creating a library to keep the ones we will come back to later can be a good practice.

To start bringing your library to life, you first need to go to Google Scholar and enter your desired subject in the search bar.

Google Scholar

Once on the results page, you must select the Save option (illustrated with a small star), present in all the content presented.

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After clicking Save, a pop-up window will appear for you to select the folder where you want to save this content. The folders will have the names you want to give them, they will have the labels you prefer.

Google Scholar

If you want to check out your library, go to My Library in the top left corner.

Google Scholar Library

Once in your library, if you want to label, insert in a folder, the content you have saved, you can do so via the Label option.

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The Labels you create will appear on the left side of the Library.

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Organizing the documents you find can be a complicated and even exhausting task. Therefore, building a bookcase can make this process easier, keeping everything in one place and easily accessible, without taking up space.

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